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I am a licensed general class falconer and hunt with my red tailed hawk named Theron.  Theron and I have been hunting together since December 2013 and plan to be hunting partners for many years to come.  I find that as a rehabilitator and a falconer, I am able to combine my knowledge from both as I am preparing injured birds for release back to the wild.  There really is nothing that compares to being out hunting with a raptor as your partner! 

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Theron is a male Red Tailed Hawk that is used for falconry. Theron was trapped from the wild as a juvenile in December of 2013. He hunts with our President, Christine Peyreigne for rabbits and squirrels on a daily basis throughout the recognized hunting season. He flies completely free when hunting and is trained to fly back to Christine. Theron is a releasable raptor legally held for the purpose of falconry, and thus doesn't do many educational programs. Falconry is hunting with a trained raptor in pursuit of wild game.

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Milo is an elderly male Harris Hawk that was born in captivity in Jan 1996. He came to us from a licensed falconer in January of 2016. We obtained him for the use in falconry. Unfortunately, due to his old age he does not molt properly and has a heart murmur,  and thus cannot be flown as a falconry bird anymore. He spends his days relaxing in his glory, always kept warm from the elements since this is a non native species to Connecticut. Milo is held on a falconry permit as a retired falconry bird. Milo is our oldest and grumpiest bird!

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