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Virtual Programs


Christine's Critters virtual programs are interactive.  We take your questions via the chat boxes throughout the program and at the end, open up chat so we can all talk together.  We have brought our ambassadors virtually to schools, libraries, family gatherings, birthday parties, scout groups, photography clubs and more!  This has been a wonderful way to come together and have fun no matter where in the world you are!  All you need is wifi to start learning about our hawks, owls, falcons and eagles and the dangers they face in the wild here in Connecticut! 

Contact us to discuss booking a virtual program


for your family or organization!  

Our virtual programs actually allow us to show you some behind the scenes actions that we are unable to do on in person programs!  Thank you Renee Hewitt from IntoBirds for the screen shots below of some of the programs we have done with our ambassadors on our FB live events!  You can get up close views of these incredible ambassadors and ask questions to learn more!  You can choose 3 ambassadors to meet during a 30 minute program! 


Don't miss out! 

Contact us to book a virtual program! 

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