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We rescue and rehabilitate over 100 birds each year.  These birds come to us having been hit by cars, poisoned by rodenticide, caught in glue traps, attacked by house cats, infected with West Nile Virus, orphaned, etc.


The most important thing is to get the birds the help that they need as quickly as possible.  We work with a renowned veterinary practice who assists with our most critical patients.  After an initial exam by us to assess possible injuries and overall condition of the bird, we either begin treatment here or transport them to our vet for needed surgeries or x-rays.


Our goal is always to make every attempt to rehabilitate the birds for release back to the wild for a second chance at life. Unfortunately, that is not always possible, and if the bird is non releasable, but content in captivity, we attempt to locate homes for them in nature centers around the country.



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